Sunday, October 14, 2012

TESDA Accredited Schools Camiguin Courses

If you are planning to take up technical vocational training in any of the TESDA accredited schools or training center in the province of Camiguin, we have gathered below the names of all TESDA Accredited Schools Camiguin Courses. Stated in the list are the names, addresses, and contact numbers of every TESDA accredited schools Camiguin including the TESDA courses offered by each training center and the number of hours required to finish each course. For additional information or questions, you can contact the corresponding TESDA accredited schools Camiguin.

Camiguin Polytechnic State College
Balbagon, Mambajao

Agricultural Crops Production NC I -------------- 302 hrs
Agricultural Crops Production NC III ------------ 445 hrs
Automotive Electrical Assembly NC II ---------- 143 hrs
Building Wiring Installation NC II --------------- 402 hrs
Caregiving NC II ------------------------------------ 786 hrs
Carpentry NC II ------------------------------------- 162 hrs
Computer Hardware Servicing NC II ------------ 356 hrs
Masonry NC II -------------------------------------- 258 hrs
Plumbing NC II ------------------------------------- 162 hrs
Programming NC IV ------------------------------- 252 hrs

Camiguin School of Arts and Trades
Lumad, Mambajao
(088) 387-0303

Bartending NC II ----------------------------- 286 hrs
Commercial Cooking NC II ---------------- 436 hrs
Food & Beverage Services NC II ---------- 336 hrs
Front Office Services NC II ---------------- 472 hrs
Household Services NC II ------------------ 216 hrs
Housekeeping NC II ------------------------- 436 hrs
Massage Therapy NC II --------------------- 560 hrs
Tour Guiding Services NC II --------------- 243 hrs

Capitol University - Camiguin

CSAT Compound
Lumad, Mambajao

Finishing Course for Call Center Agents ---------- 100 hrs
Medical Transcription NC II ------------------------ 360 hrs

Fatima College of Camiguin
(088) 387-9053 / 387-1038

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II ---------- 392 hrs
Programming NC IV ----------------------------- 252 hrs

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