Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices (CAR)

For those who are looking for TESDA regional and provincial offices Cordillera Administrative Region or CAR, we have provided below a complete list of all TESDA regional and provincial offices in the region of the Cordillera including their addresses and contact numbers. If you wish to make any inquiries, feel free to contact the telephone numbers listed below.

Office/Name: TESDA Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Regional Office
Yolanda E. Olano -- Director IV
Tel Nos:
(074) 447-3487
(074) 305-2405
(074) 305-1905
Fax Nos: (074)447-3487
Email Add:

Provincial Offices

Office/Name: TESDA Abra Provincial Office
Eddie R. Dunuan -- Officer-In-Charge
Address: Pidigan, Abra
Tel Nos:
(074) 447-3487 
(074) 305-2405
(074) 305-1905
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Apayao Provincial Office
Emmanuel A. Dabalos -- Provincial Director
Address: Pudtol
Tel Nos: (0915) 429-1044
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Benguet Provincial Office
Angela E. Gabriel -- Provincial Director
Address: Provincial Capitol La Trinidad, Banguet
Tel Nos:
(074) 309-1142 
(074) 422-4034
Fax Nos: (074) 422- 42-34
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Kalinga Provincial Office
Francisco B. Jucar -- Provincial Director
Address: Bulanao, Tabut
Tel Nos:
Email Add:

Office/Name:  TESDA Ifugao Provincial Office
Genro Ronald C. Ibay -- Provincial Director
Address: Awao, Lagawe, Ifugao
Tel Nos: (074) 382-2115
Fax Nos:
Email Add:

Mt. Province
Office/Name: TESDA- Mt. Province /Provincial Office
Gabriel A. Cayacay -- Provincial Director
Address: 5th Floor Walter Clapp Centrum Loc- Ong Bontoc. Mt. province
Tel Nos: (074) 602-1500
Fax Nos: (074) 602-1095
Email Add:

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