Thursday, May 10, 2012

TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices Region VIII

For those who are looking for TESDA regional and provincial offices Region VIII, we have provided below a complete list of all TESDA regional and provincial offices in Region VIII including their addresses and contact numbers. If you wish to make any inquiries, feel free to contact the telephone numbers listed below.

Office/Name: TESDA Region VIII - Regional Office
Cleta M. Omega -- Regional Director
Address: TESDA Complex, Abucay, Tacloban City
Tel Nos:
(053) 321-4365
(053) 523-2641
(053) 523-2680
Fax Nos:
(053) 325-9375
(053) 321-8121
Email Add:

Provincial Offices

Office/Name: TESDA Biliran Provincial Office
Elizabeth P. Garcia -- Officer in Charge
Address: NSF Bldg. Caraycaray, Naval
Tel Nos: (053) 500-9446
Fax Nos: (053) 500-9446
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Leyte Provincial Office
Loreta D. Banario -- Provincial Director
Address: Trece Martires, Tacloban City
Tel Nos:
(053) 321-2751 
(053) 321-7879
(053) 341-2413
(0920) 910-6366
Fax Nos:
Email Add:

Southern Leyte
Office/Name: TESDA Southern Leyte Provincial Office
Rodrigo A. Lacaba -- Officer in Charge
Address: Capitol Site, Asuncion Maasin
Tel Nos:
(053) 381-4119
(0920) 413-0228
Fax No: (053) 381-4119
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Samar Provincial Office
Rolando P. Juanillo -- Officer in Charge
Address: Gov’t Offices Bldg., Catbalogan
Tel Nos:
(055) 251-2130
(0916) 766-1700
Fax Nos: (055) 251-2130
Email Add:

Eastern Samar
Office/Name: TESDA Eastern Samar Provincial Office
Enrico C. Banario -- Provincial Director
Address: Borongan
Tel Nos: (055) 261-2158
Fax Nos: (055) 560-9177
Email Add:

Northern Samar
Office/Name: TESDA Northern Samar Provincial Office
Zosimo T. De Asis -- Officer-In-Charge
Address: UEP Compound, Catarman
Tel Nos:
(055) 251-7130
(0916) 359-3695
Fax Nos: (055) 354-4409
Email Add:

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