Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TESDA Accredited Schools Apayao Courses

For those who are looking for TVI’s or Technical Vocational Institutions with TESDA registered programs in the province of Apayao, provided below is the alphabetical list of all TESDA Accredited Schools Apayao Courses. The list includes the names, addresses, and contact numbers of every TESDA accredited schools Apayao including the TESDA courses they offer and the number of hours needed to complete each course. If you have any question regarding the TESDA courses offered by each training center, please refer them to the corresponding TESDA accredited schools Apayao.

Apayao Provincial Technology and Livelihood Training Center (APTLTC)Provincial Gov't Center
San Isidro Sur, Luna
(63) 9399078196

Driving NC II ---- 118 hours

Apayao Technical Institute
Calafug Conner
(63) 920-4596104

Computer Hardware Servicing NC II ------------ 392 Hours
Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II ---------- 438 Hours
Driving NC II --------------------------------------- 118 Hours

Pudtol Technology and Livelihood Training Center
Poblacion Pudtol
(63) 9175088792

Beauty Care NC II ---------------------------------------- 1098 Hours
Carpentry NC II ------------------------------------------- 162 hrs
Electrical Installation & Maintenance NC II ---------- 402 Hours
Masonry NC II -------------------------------------------- 258 Hours
Massage Therapy NC II --------------------------------- 560 hrs

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