Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices Region IV-B

For those who are looking for TESDA regional and provincial offices Region IV-B or MiMaRoPa, we have provided below a complete list of all TESDA regional and provincial offices in Region IV-B including their addresses and contact numbers. If you wish to make any inquiries, feel free to contact the telephone numbers listed below.

Office/Name: TESDA Region IV B - Regional Office
Baron Jose L. Lagran -- OIC-Regional Director
Tel Nos: (043) 288-1276
Fax Nos: (043) 288-2487
Email Add:

Provincial Offices

Office/Name: TESDA Marinduque Provincial Office
Jose V. Serrano Jr. -- Provincial Director
Address: Brgy. Tanza
Tel Nos: (042) 332-1540
Fax Nos: (042) 332-1540
Email Add:

Occidental Mindoro
Office/Name: TESDA Mindoro Occidental Provincial Office
Edwin T. Andoyo -- Provincial Director
Address: 1048 Gen. Lucban St.
Tel Nos:
(043) 228-8921 
(043) 491-4255
Fax Nos:
(043) 228-8921 
(043) 491-4255
Email Add:

Oriental Mindoro
Office/Name: TESDA Mindoro Oriental Provincial Office
Renato M. Pantaleon -- Provincial Director
Address: TESDA Prov. Office Prov. Capitol Compound
Tel Nos:
(043) 286-7096
Fax Nos: (043) 288-7096
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Palawan Provincial Office
Arnel Campued -- Provincial Director
Address: 2F Allied Bank Bldg., Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Tel Nos: (048)433-7146
Fax Nos: (048)433-7146
Email Add:

Office/Name: TESDA Romblon Provincial Office
Armando O. Aquino -- Provincial Director
Address: Atienza Bldg. Quezon St.
Tel Nos: (042) 567-5116
Fax Nos: (042) 567-5116
Email Add:

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